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Mold Resources

How molds can affect your health
Mold vs Mildew
14 Surprising Places Where Mold Hides in the Home
Help with landlords not responding to a mold problem
The TN Department of Health does not have the authority to inspect and require landlords to address mold issues in rental properties.  However, in some cases, local building codes may help to address the problems that contribute to mold growth. If your local codes department can provide assistance for issues such as unaddressed leaking pipes, roof leaks, sagging ceilings, sunken floors, and poor drainage, you can accomplish the first step toward addressing your mold problem. If a water leak is endangering electrical outlets, contact the State Fire Marshall’s Office for guidance. If all else fails, see how to file a complaint with the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs

Lead Resources

Environmental Protection Agency Lead Resources

Lead Paint in your home

The mere presence of lead paint in your home doesn’t necessarily indicate a health risk. If the paint is still in good shape, it can be encapsulated and repainted to protect residents from exposure. The danger from lead paint increases when it’s peeling or otherwise deteriorating, which can lead to the inhalation of lead dust or the swallowing of lead-based paint chips. It is always wise to hire an EPA-certified contractor even if you are only removing a relatively small amount of lead paint. In other words: lead paint removal is not a suitable project for average do-it-yourself homeowners. Proper, safe execution of this job requires not only specialized training but specialized tools and materials as well.

Removal / Abatement Companies

We typically do not recommend companies that offer both testing and abatement due to a conflict of interest.

Mold Abatement

SERVPRO: (901) 754-9061

RESTORATION1: (901) 403-6581


GO GREEN: (901) 870-5695

911 RESTORATION: (901) 443-1615

Asbestos Abatement

SEG ENVIRONMENTAL:  901-569-8840



Tennessee accredited Training Providers, Firms and Individuals for Asbestos Work

Lead Abatement

ROTO-ROOTER - 855-364-2868                                    
SEG ENVIRONMENTAL:  901-213-9913

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