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If you have questions or would like a quote for lead inspection & testing please contact:

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All buildings constructed prior to 1978 have the potential to contain lead-based paint but new homes aren't immune. This year nearly 300 homes in Tennessee, more than two-thirds in Memphis and Shelby County will be identified with lead levels high enough to pose a health risk to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or pregnant women. Every year, screening identifies about 30 Shelby County children age 5 and younger who have absorbed dangerous levels of lead. If you suspect your building contains lead-based paint, have the area inspected by a licensed building inspector, especially if there are young children or pregnant women present. An estimated 1.7 million children have blood-lead levels above safe limits set forth by the EPA.


Where is lead found?

Lead is primarily found in the exterior and interior paint of the building. Lead was added to paint for three main reasons: Color Enhancement, Increased Durability & as a Drying Agent. Lead-based paint is typically found in window systems, bathrooms, door jambs, soffits, chair rails, and doors.


Lead in Soil - The soil surrounding a building can also contain lead. Leaded gasoline (deposited prior to phase-down in use), factory emissions, weathering, and chipping of lead-based paint on the exterior of the building, and dust/dirt carried over from a construction site can all contribute to lead concentrations in the soil. This can become a health issue if there are children playing around the building, or you plan on performing landscaping.


Lead in Water - Paint is not the only place you will find lead. Lead can also be found in drinking water, primarily through leaded solder, brass fittings/fixtures, and primary service lines. If the building was constructed before 1978 and the original water piping is still present, it is recommended to have your water supply tested for concentrations of lead.

Collect Your Own Sample for Testing

Fill out our                                                and mail / bring with your sample. We also have forms at our office you can fill out when you bring your sample.


$85.00 for the first sample and $65 for each additional.


We typically receive results in 3 - 5 business days. If needed, we can expedite the sample for an additional flat rate of $45. For next-day results please have your sample to us before 4pm.

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